Hand in Hand Behavioral Consulting LLC

We offer personalized services to meet the unique needs of your family.

Offering ~

  • Individualized, data-driven programming focusing on the unique challenges of each child
  • 1:1 ABA with daily circle-time and socialization to generalize individualized skills in a small group with 1:1 support
  • Incorporating evidence-based practices of Discrete Trial Training, Verbal Behavior, Pivotal Response Training and Incidental Teaching
  • Community based services - Functional life skills taught in the natural environment
  • Social skill opportunities for all: early learners through adolescent age
  • Parent Education programs
  • School & IEP support
  • Collaboration with related disciplines including OT, PT & Speech therapy
  • Community Education & referral
  • ABA provides age-appropriate learning objectives in 1:1 therapy administered in the clinic, home or school settings, and then generalized to home and community.
  • Typically ABA work involves an intensive treatment program ranging between 10 to 30 hours of therapy 5 days per week, depending upon clinical necessity, familial preference and insurance guidelines.
  • Our ABA Behavior Technicians (BTs) receive comprehensive training in behavioral theory, reinforcement, the application of discrete trial training, the nuances of prompting and fading prompts, behavior management, generalization, maintenance of acquired skills, and interactive play with peer groups and social development.